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 how to download battleground mobile india game 2023 

Hello friends how are you welcome to our website today's new and absolutely fresh article how to download battleground mobile india game in 2023. If you also like to play online games and friends, you like battle royale game more, then today's post is going to prove to be very amazing and helpful for you, so keep reading this post from the beginning till now.

In today's digital age, everyone has an Android smartphone. It is obvious that if you are reading our post, then you must also have an Android smartphone. Nowadays everyone loves to play games in their mobile for their entertainment. Earlier people used to play pubg game more but after being ben friends pubg game Battleground Mobile India game was launched only for India. But friends, here comes the bad news that the meeting run has been banned inside Mobile India Gate India.

What is battleground mobile India game?

Friends, we tell you that the Mobile India game till Battleground is a battle royale game. Which was made by the Battleground Mobile India game PUBG Company for Specially India after being banned inside Friends Pubg Game India. In this, a lot of friends can play the game together and in this one has to kill a hundred people and then get chicken dinner. People like to play this game very much, this game was available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can play it very easily in your mobile PC, tablet computer etc. The short form name of Battleground Mobile India was Bgmi. Its application was about 2 GB on the Google Play Store and about 2.5 GB on apple store.

Why is the battleground mobile India game not on the Play Store?

Friends, on July 29, 2022, by the Government of India, Battleground Mobile India has been banned inside India due to security reasons. But friends, this news is very painful for those who used to play Battleground Mobile India game. At such a time, friends, if you go to Google Play Store and search for Battleground Mobile India game, then you will not get to see the game there, nor will you be able to install it from there. Friends, this is the reason why Battleground Mobile India game is not available on Google Play Store.

how to download battleground mobile india game after getting banned in 2023

So friends as you all know that Battleground Mobile India game has been banned but friends, many people still want to download this game, they want to play in their mobile or else they will have it first but Now it must have been uninstalled. Friends, you must have been troubled by searching on Google Play Store and App Store, but you would not have found the application of Battleground Mobile India there because this game has been removed from there. Come on friends, without wasting time, let us tell you how you can download Battleground Mobile India game after getting banned.

Friends, you must have also visited their official website to download Battleground Mobile India game, but friends, I just went there and saw that Battleground Mobile India game is not being downloaded from there too. Follow all the steps given by us properly, Battleground Mobile India game will be downloaded in your mobile very easily.

1) First of all, friends, you have to turn on the internet in your mobile, whether it is by turning on the mobile data or connecting to any WiFi.

2) After this, friends, we are giving you the direct download link of the Battleground Mobile India application apk file below, you have to click on the download button given below.


3) Friends, as soon as you click on the download button, you will reach a website, you will get to see the download button again, you have to click on it.

4) After completing this process, friends, you can see the warning here, you have to ignore it and click on download any way.

5) After this friends, the APK file of Battleground Mobile India game will be downloaded in your mobile.

6) As soon as you go to install the apk file, you will be asked to turn on a setting here, then you have to turn on the setting of your unknown source.

7) After this Friends, Battleground Mobile India game will be installed in your mobile and you have to log in by entering your ID in it.

So yes friends, just by following all these steps in this way, you will be able to download and install the Battleground Mobile India game inside your Android mobile.


We do not recommend you to install any third party application, we would like to advise you to install whatever application is available on Google play store, we do not recommend you to install third party application inside your mobile. Do not give advice. If you are installing this application, do it at your own risk.







conclusion :

Friends, hope you have liked this article of our website on how to download Battleground Mobile India game very much, we told you in this post how you can download and install after Battleground Mobile India game is banned in India. You can play If you liked this post, please like it.

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